Don Chuy Clothing Company, providing t-shirt printing services

for all industries and occasions.

Giddy up Studio’s T-shirt Printing Services

Don Chuy Clothing Company in North Hollywood California provides you with all your graphic art design and t-shirt printing needs from concept to creation.

Our team of professional designers have over 15 years of experience, providing quality work with attention to detail. Our work is done in house with our giddy up creative team, so you’re always guaranteed the best prices in town.   We also have various t-shirt printing specials for all budgets, and carry most popular t-shirt brands.

Don Chuy Clothing Company is inspired by the current Giddy Up Production Documentary Project, based on the great Jesus Sanchez, a pioneer of Mariachi music.   Jesus “Don Chuy” Sanchez was an influential musician who created the very first mariachi curriculum in the United States. He taught mariachi music and Chicano Studies at UCLA and Cal State L.A. He also went on to teach at several other middle and high schools around the Los Angeles area in the late 1960’s. Don Chuy, a mariachi legend, also encouraged women to join mariachi groups, and believed there could be all female mariachi groups.

Don Chuy Clothing Company is also working on releasing the very first Don Chuy Active Wear workout merchandise.

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