The 'Don Chuy' Tee Shirt Store

Don Chuy Clothing Company presents the new collection of vintage tees, created by Giddy Up Productions CEO Jose Castaneda in honor of his late grandfather, the Legendary Mariachi Musician, Jesus “Don Chuy” Sanchez.

Don Chuy was an influental musician who created the very first Mariachi curriculum in the United States. He taught Mariachi music and Chicano Studies at UCLA and CAL STATE LA. He also went on to teach at several other middle and high schools around the Los Angeles area in the late 1960′s. Don Chuy, a Mariachi Legend, also encouraged women to join Mariachi groups, and believed there could be all female Mariachi groups.

Giddy Up Productions is currently working on this documentary to honor the Life, Legacy, Career and contributions of Legendary Mariachi Musician Jesus “Don Chuy” Sanchez.

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